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Why Fit Matters When Choosing a Suit


Even a very dashing and dapper looking suit can chuck you if it does not fit you well, no kidding. Let us look at it this way, a badly tailored suit is like that woman who was great but you guys did not go well together. In relationships, you cannot change this unfortunate situation but thank god for tailoring, with which you can wear any suit like it was cut out for you. In this regard, dashed out below are pointers you should keep in mind:


Shoulders and Lapels

You should always be careful that the lapels always lay flat on your chest after buttoning your suit.  If it does not work out, you should consider another size. You might want to consider slim lapels for a lively look. For shoulders, you should ensure that the seam ends exactly on the outside of your shoulder.

Suit Length & Pant Width

Most men prefer to adorn themselves with a shorter suit nowadays. But you should keep in mind that the entire hip area does not show off. Try to balance between a shorter and a very long suit. Medium length should be the best bet.


A tailor is not a magician. If your chest is too loose and saggy then alternation is not at all a good idea. To get the best fit, make sure that your suit fits the outline of your frame and creates a fitting shape.

Sleeve Length

Now this is simple but often tricky for men who remain completely baffled about this one. To understand the length of a sleeve, remember that the sleeves of the suit should only drop where the base of your thumb encounters the wrist. You would feel a close cut if you’re wearing a slim fit.


To know if fit at the torso is perfect, measure the distance between your gut and the torso. If your thumb is comfortable, you are good to go but if it is too movable, talk to your tailor asap.


This is all you should know about ‘the’ fit of any suit. You can always cast your mind back to these pointers while thinking about the fitting of your suit. Now, go flaunt one with style.

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