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Does it happen quite often with you, that you are sprinting towards your favorite store to fetch some nice looking suits for you and it suddenly dawns upon you after doing the rounds of around 15 stores that these suits are just not meant for you?

Or it might be you spot a beautiful dress for your lady but once again it flashes in your mind that your girl hates those long hemmed dresses.

Now what? Does it means you will be doomed to dress in leaves and look like some Red Indian? Oh no wait, did we ever mention to you that you can get your clothes designed and tailored in your own special and unique way to contain just the right amount of quirk and class in them? Yes! You absolutely can – for Bespoke fashion is the latest fad in fashion trends and is absolutely meant for folks like you who find themselves in ticklish situation at clothing stores with sometimes the suit sagging beyond the length of your arms and the other times with a pattern that looks clownish on your body contour.

“Bespoke shirts” as it is said is fully customized and handmade clothing that is made on demand of the customer and renders them complete control over their wardrobe.

Not many manufacturing houses provide this facility, especially in the US. So if you are that dapper dude who wants to include pretty much everything in your wardrobe or the geek who absolutely hates those spooking bright colors, then bespoke fashion is absolutely meant for you.

We at stylior.com provide an exclusive service of bespoke fashion where we will take your measurements and scrupulously work upon tailoring a masterpiece of your choice while offering a wide range of fabric design and color styling at the same time.

Needless to say, our staffs have great dexterity at their hands and will reimburse you with a style quotient of your own, perked up by the seamless tailoring and finishing of our brand. “Once you become a Stylior customer, we challenge you to stop harping about the awesomeness and ease of availing bespoke fashion from us.”



Suit Jacket

A good coat will have a snug fit with enough room to fit your hands in between your chest and the buttoned coat. It should not pull to make an X when buttoned. The styling should be properly placed.

Shoulder – The seams should be at the edge of your shoulder. Avoid the bends between your shoulder and sleeves.

Collar – The coat collar should allow for only 2 cm of your shirt collar to show.

Sleeves – The length of the sleeves should cover the wrist and not longer than that.

Length – The length of the coat should be such that the first button should fall at or above the belly button.

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