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Wedding suits – A style guide that will suit one and all!


The festive season and the wedding season, both fall on very much the same time! The people who are ready to tie a knot have been on a lookout to buy a wedding suit that adds to their personality and make a style statement at the same time. Take a look at the style guide dedicated to all of you, the to-be-grooms.


A groom is as much a center of attraction as the bride. Creating an ensemble for the groom can be a daunting task as there is a huge variety of cloths, style options and lining material flooding the market. At times, proper importance is not given to the finer details such as the number of pockets, buttons and so on. Today, grooms understand the importance of achieving the right look that matches their style, personality and the theme of the wedding. It is thus advisable to take time out and think about how you would like to present yourself on the D-Day.


Selection can be done from a wide variety of wedding styles that include the classic three piece suit, dinner jacket, traditional morning tails, contemporary frock coat or something really eccentric. A bespoke suit designed to perfection to suit your body and style would be a good investment. Choose the best cloth based on the location of the wedding to feel your best. The right colour is the one that best complements your skin tone. You can experiment with your suit’s lining which can be bold or you can opt for a simple one.


Go for a bespoke shirt as it not only fits you well but also enhances your finer features. Make your wedding suit stand out by offering the best finishing touches. With plethora of options available, you will surely be spoilt for choice- plain tie, floral, patterned, silk, and knitted or a bow tie? Socks, pocket watch or braces? Collar bar or tie pin?

It is ultimately your choice, the look that you wish to achieve. Opt for a look that is closer to classic and there is nothing that can go wrong! Call us for assistance today.

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