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Top Five Reasons – Why a Custom Made Suit is better than a Readymade Suit


When you walk into a men’s suit shop with plentiful choices of apparel, you’d be tempted to purchase the readymade suits. However, these ten reasons why custom suits are better than readymade ones will make you ditch the readymade suits for custom suits.

Precise Fittings

When you buy a readymade suit, you may have to alter it slightly to get it in a size which fits you. However, if you order a custom made suit, you can give your own measurements or have your measurements taken by a tailor and you will not be required to run to a tailor to alter it.

As You Like

When buying a custom made suit, you can choose the fabrics, linings, patterns and so on. At stores, you cannot make any major changes to the readymade suits. If you want you can even get a monogram imprinted on your suit pocket, cuffs or collars.



At stores, the shopkeepers will stock the latest trends and not just something rather old or tacky. But when you customize your suit, you can do anything you want with it and even make it rather tacky or old-fashioned.


At stores, since they have to keep everything in great stock, they have to compensate for the quality of suits and cheap quality fabric to make more suits. But when you buy a custom made suit, the tailors use superior quality fabric to stitch the suits. You can select from the premium blend of suit range, designed in the finest cut and class for  custom-made call.


Readymade suits do not have the perfect sizes, and may not flatter you. Custom tailored suits can be made in the size which flatters your body structure, rather than saggy, loose suits. Also, you can choose from a range of different cloths and trousers, as mentioned earlier.




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