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Tips to Dress Well and Look Good


Your clothes are the reflection to your personality. A good-looking outfit is what allures looks of admiration and enviousness when you walk down the street. Nowadays, even men are learning the language of fashion and style.


Here are some tips to dress like a real man.


Maintain your Clothes

Get an experienced cleaner. Cleaners have special secrets to remove the stains on your shirt that decrease your confidence. Know to iron your clothes properly with a sprinkle of water to keep them crisp. Learn to sew, so that you can reattach the buttons falling from your shirt.



You should know some unique ways of tying your knots. A half-windsor knot adds spice and flair to your thin neck wear. Bow ties might be quite mainstream, but they are a plus to tuxedos.

Whether you will wear a striped, checked, dotted or plaid tie, compatibility matters. I recommend a solid tie with a patterned shirt or vice versa. If you want a patterned tie with a patterned shirt, I recommend a dotted tie with a checked shirt



Watches, sunglasses, eyeglasses, hats and even bags will accentuate your look. You can never go wrong with sling bags. A black, silver or brown band is the most uniform for watches.


Go Colourful

If you’re tired of black and brown, go colourful with purple, blue and even red with your trousers. For shirts, have different patterns. Ombre and dip-dyed are a good choice. Nehru jackets look best in white, orange, red and purple.



The shoes are usually the first part of a person that you notice. Wax and polish your shoes with care. Polish your shoes with a proper brush. It should be neither too hard nor rough, nor should it be overly soft. Match your shoes with your belt, as per my advice.



Last but not the least, be original and creative. You don’t have to match a tuxedo with cycling shorts, but don’t go too mainstream either.


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