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Good clothes open all doors

Shirts are the foundation of a man’s wardrobe. Office or business formals or informal weekend casuals, shirts are always a part of man’s essential clothing. While mostly all luxury-clothing brands offer their collection of shirts and shirt styles in fine fabrics and various patterns, but it isn’t a luxury product if it is not made exclusively for you.

There is a certain luxury and character that speaks of a bespoke shirt. Crafted with passion and style and tailored with utmost care, they stand apart from shirts manufactured by the thousands in the factories.

While for many a shirt is the professional dress code five days a week, some even wear it as a smart casual on weekends for formal restaurants, date nights or informal networking. You may own a custom made special suit, maybe some more pieces from your wardrobe, or even a lot more of bespoke if you fancy to live and wear your luxury. But the evergreen, all weather shirt requires the much needed attention and limelight.


You wear the shirt, not the other way round!

Your shirt is an important piece of clothing in your wardrobe and most of the styles can be worn all the year round, with seasonal color and pattern variation, and therefore it is wise to own good quality shirts that last you long. Going for a bespoke shirt gives you the choice of fabric that can go a long way in defining a good fit that flatters your body and a style and pattern that communicates your personality.

It should also be a comfortable fabric to give you ease of movement and one that requires optimal maintenance for long-term performance. The sizes of branded shirts are based on the circumference of a man’s neck. Thus all other measurements – chest, arms, shoulders, the size of arms at the biceps and at the wrist, the stomach and the length – are averaged out. But there are many who would not fit the bill to the T in these branded options.

A shirt too baggy will spill out of lightweight suits, bundle up beneath jackets or make your body shape look disproportionate with extra cloth and folds bulging out at the waist. A bespoke alternative lends attention to every detail ensuring that each part in the anatomy of the shirt fits perfectly.

The way a shirt hangs from the shoulders and how well it sits on the neck. The correct length of each sleeve and the cuffs made just right to highlight your fancy watchstrap or fit in line with your suit. Not too tight at the biceps and not too baggy either. Just right to bring out a perfect bulge.

Really, the difference between wearing a bespoke shirt and one that is bought ready-to-wear off the shelf is almost like wearing your shirt and another man’s shirt! It’s your choice all along from details like buttons, thread color, thread color on buttons, style of pockets, and monograms with your initials to contrasting fabric and color in collars and cuffs. In the end, you get exactly what you want and that reflects a lot of your personality.

Dress how you want to be addressed

Stylior presents you with a plethora of options to choose from. A range of luxury fabrics, various styles of collars, cuffs, pocket and placket, choice of buttons, pattern and style. Place your order and have your customized outfit delivered to your doorstep. Your measurements and preferences are noted and saved for next time around. We are sure that once you go bespoke, there is no looking back at ready-to-wears!

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