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Pastels include lighter shades of dark colour such as pastel yellow, rose red, mint green etc. They are present in all kinds of designs and patterns including stripes, checks, slim fit, dress shirts etc.

Pastels give that yumm-yumm feeling especially in the summers, but do not go with the rumors that say pastels are just meant for summers and always remember- real men wear pink.

Pastels have amazingly fitted into almost every look and while they are the best option of outfit for the sticky summers and poolside parties, no one can deny the elegance they pour in when put up as a formal wear or any other party wear.

The speciality of pastel is that they can easily be worn in monochromatic looks and can also be marvellously combined with the basic colours such as grey, white and black. Recently, the rugged look of pastels in chambray fabric is being appreciated a lot as well. Let us help you explore few looks coloured in pastel.


The Summer Date Look

Team up a cream coloured pastel with an old navy coloured shorts and wear some cool shades to a date and your girlfriend will be surprised by the cool new look in summers. Perfect for beach parties.

The Business Meeting Look

Wear a shirt dress of any pastel colour like pink or mint green and pep it up with silk ties. Use a basic colour trouser like grey or black and you will be absolutely ready to attend any corporate meeting.

The Traveller Look

This traveller look is comfortable and a treat for eyes. Use a pastel yellow shirt paired with khaki colour denim blazer and crimson red trouser to have that comfy traveller look of your choice.

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