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Blue has been a part of the shirting wardrobe ever since the shirts came into existence. The trend set by blue seems to be never ending and this is one colour which is always in fad amongst males of all age groups.

Being one the most commonly worn colors and an evergreen favorite of all times, blue definitely forms a solid staple in the shirting section of your wardrobe.

Those sexy blue checks or the subtle looks of striped blue oxford shirts, no matter what you pick- you can always find a touch of elegance in each of the shirts your touch. Dotted or polka dotted navy blue shirts with a soft linen fabric too have been in the trend lately.

Blue shirts give you a freedom to choose amongst a varied range of looks, plus the mix and match things just peps up the craze to keep at least one blue shirt in the wardrobe. Although you can create sundry other looks with a single piece of blue shirt you own, you have to believe us when we say that no matter how many blue shirts you own, there will always be a taste that you will be missing out in terms of your dressing.

If you buy a sky blue chambray and think you bought enough, then you will miss out on the look delivered by navy blue chambray’s. If you think going with a solid pastel blue will be all you need to prepare for a business meeting then my friend, you need to know about the transformation you will go through after putting on a dotted navy blue shirt paired with casual denims and leather blazers.

So every time you think you are bored of blue and are planning to quit buying any new blue shirt, just think of these mighty words- you WILL miss blue. You can never have enough of blue in your wardrobe. As simple as that. After all that rant and rave about the looks blue can deliver, let us work with a single blue denim shirt and have explore few possibilities of the looks it can render.

The Leisure Suited Look

The first look we want you to discover a lazy look of a suit style. Bring in some textured navy blue suits and wrap a light weighted soft linen scarf around your neck and you are all set for a long and cosy day ahead. Don a hat and put on some boat shoes to give rise to a new classic look akin to the vintage style.

The Semi Formal Look

A sport coat with patterns is the best pick to give you a versatile look over various occasions and when you team it up with your blue denim shirt over a pair of navy blue trousers and brown loafers, you end up getting that taste of semi formal look. Put on some shades and a silk knit tie to complete your look.

The Casual-Stroll Look

A neutral trench coat which is essentially a raincoat but not solely meant for rain can deliver a whole new look to your blue denim or chambray shirt worn under a grey athletic crew neck shirt. Make sure the coat is not over sized and is of a slim fit design. Give the finishing touch by togging yourself into a classic felt fedora hat.

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  1. bestwifesharinghangouts.com November 6, 2016 on 5:59 am Reply

    You are a very bright individual!

    • Elmira December 5, 2016 on 10:50 am Reply

      This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for wrtniig!

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