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Black, they say, is the devil. Black, they say, is God. Black sumps up everything and black completes your wardrobe. Some platitudes say that all men are divided by hot chicks and united by black trousers.  Hell yeah! Black is the one colour which no matter how many times you done, you will never get bored of it. Black continues to give multitudes of look even after being used ceaselessly ever since the evolution of trousers.
No matter how many endless stacks of clothes you have in your wardrobe and no matter if your wardrobe
mimics a rainbow in terms of colour variation, if you have a black trouser missing from your wardrobe, then there still is a yawning gap between your wardrobe and an awesome wardrobe.

Not just the colour, but the style variation too makes black the king of all trousers. Whether you wear chinos or some pleated charcoal black trousers, black always wins the best look for you. This colour is in itself capable of making your wardrobe complete and can render as many looks as you desire.

Although no one can actually put together all the possibilities that black trousers can create, we have still tried stowing some of the looks here in this article. There you go!

The casual walk look

Going for a casual walk and still feeling the need to look trendy is not something alien. Every guy feels the need to be admired by random people for his sense of dressing (which although not many men admit).

But it’s okay, we have still put together a look to make random people fancy your looks. Simply put on a black or khaki trench over a contrasting dress shirt like white or even some shades of green and wear charcoal black trousers to sum up your look.

The amazingly formal look

What can better define formal other than black? Black is undisputedly the king of formals. Pair charcoal black trousers with a white shirt dress or a pastel red shirt along with a silk tie and matching coat and you are all set for your meeting.

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