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Design a suit that stands out.


Everyone likes to stand out from the crowd once in a while, and when it comes to making an impression in a business set up it is even more desirable. The mere mention of a business environment builds up this imaginary scenario of men walking around the office clad in suits, isn’t it? However buying […]

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How To Suit Up In Three Piece Suit

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A true debonair always looks into his closet and picks out the perfect clothes that would maintain his personality. For this, his choice is always the one which carries the ‘gentleman-like’ aura of god among men. And what else could better fit this perfect fashion than the three piece suit which appeals to almost every […]

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Top Five Reasons – Why a Custom Made Suit is better than a Readymade Suit


When you walk into a men’s suit shop with plentiful choices of apparel, you’d be tempted to purchase the readymade suits. However, these ten reasons why custom suits are better than readymade ones will make you ditch the readymade suits for custom suits.                   Precise Fittings When […]

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