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4 Secrets To Design Your Custom Tailored Suit


Gone are the days when suits and blazers were only treated as formal attire. Today, suits are more about an expression of fashion and gives a classy look. However, too many men wear suit improperly and therefore they don’t look as good as they can. The reason is ready-made suits and blazers, which are often […]

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Winter suits guide for the gentlemen


The harbingers of winter have arrived and it is time you switched your cool linen, chambray and cotton suits for some hotter varieties. You need to choose fabrics that let you look sharp while still enduring the dip in mercury. Now, add some style and creativity to your winter ensembles and stay warm all through […]

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What to Wear to a Job Interview


Job interviews add a buildup of stress over everyone, but no interviewer can underestimate your skills when you sparkle with smartness and confidence. Being well dressed is another vital factor of interviewing for a job, whether it’s a white collar stock market job or a high position as an engineer. Dressing well means taking some […]

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Bespoke clothing, as we know it today, can be traced back to 12th century Europe. Between 12th and 15th Century, bespoke tailoring developed steadily as an important and respected craft. Tracing the history of bespoke clothing, there are certain events that refined and redefined the concept of clothing and tailoring to the level of bespoke we now speak of. […]

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