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Today we are more fashion savvy to know the importance of dressing well and a fair idea about what looks good and fits well on us. After all, you only feel as good as you look! Which is why wearing an outfit tailored exclusively for your fit and style feels so much better than those that the many homogeneous fashion stores have for you.

But what is it that makes bespoke tailoring the next level of luxury fashion. While branded fashion is well abreast with the latest in style and trend, it is not necessary that an expensive brand will guarantee a better fitting of higher quality.

Consider this – at not much of a cost difference, maybe even slightly less than high-end brands, bespoke clothing comes the closest to offering you a style, fit and comfort just the way you want. It is exclusive handmade craftsmanship against a piece of cloth that is uniform and mass produced. Thus, the trademarks of this craftsmanship are marked by exclusivity and a personalized approach.



Exclusively for you

When talking about exclusivity, bespoke tailoring creates a new pattern every time for every new outfit. No two styles and patterns are similar. The outfit is a one cut piece every time. However, the pattern or styling of a ready made outfit, once created, is only modified to accommodate a new size.

Made to Measure in the real sense of the word

The fitting, of course, is much touted about when it comes to bespoke clothing. You fit into a ready-made garment rather than the garment fitting your body. Herein lies the true beauty of bespoke! Multiple fittings are taken during the creation process ensuring a precise fit all along.

It’s all in the fabric

When it comes to the fabric, while you may choose from a variety when you pick off the shelf, you can choose from a ‘library’ of luxury fabrics when you go bespoke. And this is often a compelling reason for many to opt for customization.

Your very own masterpiece

Yet another reason is the freedom to design your outfit, the way it best suits you. Bespoke leaves you with endless options to design and style the way your want. If it is design you are seeking then you can throw us a challenge of the most complex design! It is all about the care and personal touch, attention to the tiniest of details and the comfort of a good fit. And at Stylior, we pride ourselves at serving you with all this and much more!

Experience the utmost care we take in crafting your outfit and understanding your every need. Once you have your outfit tailored by us, you will surely forgo the branded fashion stores for a wonderful personalized experience of a bespoke outfit.

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    That’s really thnnikig of the highest order

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