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The perfectly curated wardrobe is a fantasy for most of the guys out there and we totally understand how downright frustrating it is to put up an ideal wardrobe. Toppling over your own belongings while swearing and trying to figure out the best outfit for that special date is not something you should be ashamed of.

It’s pretty common and most men have to go through that jostling and tussling in the wardrobe every morning before getting ready for their day. The frustrated behaviour often turns you into a sadist who turns spiteful for any man who seems well dressed and you are like- Only losers have got time for such trivial matters for “life is too short to worry about mismatching socks”.

Well pal, we understand how you might be feeling right now and that is why we bring to you a series of wardrobe essentials that can successfully help you to build that wannabe wardrobe of your dreams over time.

Cheers! The first in our series is essential shirts. Well, unnecessary to mention, shirts can turn your wardrobe into an awesome collection of interchangeable looks that would smack of style and class while mixing perfectly in the cool ambience of any party room.

When you walk the road in shirts, you are a step above in class and it goes seamlessly with every season and every occasion without any exception. Besides the wide range of fitting colours to choose from, you have a plethora of fabric, each seemingly built for that one particular occasion in your life.

You have straight cut shirts, slim fit shirts, dress shirts and then there are a number of variables you can obtain by modifying the design as per your needs. Of course, before you stock up your wardrobe with clothing of this ilk, you must essentially have a reverberating thought in your head all this while which says quality is always better than quantity.

The cliché still goes well here that what’s built good will stay good. So make sure that whatever you buy, either in haste or in peace, should make you look equally ravishing the thirtieth time of its use as it seemed when you donned it for the very first time.

So it obviously goes without saying, that bespoke shirts would be far better option than wearing those off-the rack shirts which are meant for everyone and fits no one. Stylior.com gives you a wide range of bespoke shirts to choose from but before you hop on the bandwagon, let’s have a look at the secrets of a perfectly fitting bespoke shirt.

What makes a perfectly fitting bespoke shirt?

So to begin with, let’s just say that you need to start with your perfect measurements. Always submit the exact measurement and always remember that the key to a perfectly fitting dress shirt is to treat it as a bulletproof vest. Always check of neck measurements and follow the one finger rule while getting that perfectly stitched attire for you.

Bespoke essentially means the shirt is meant for you, so do not forget to get rid of that shirt fat that hangs loose around your love handles. Do not get lost in the realms of endless designs offered in the collars.

Go with the one that you have already tried and tested and which suits you the best. Experimenting a little is not bad but make sure not be draped in some awkward looking shirt with Dracula-like collars. Period.

So now let’s get going with our scuba diving into the deluge of essential shirts and talk about the must have colours of shirts in your wardrobe.


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    You get a lot of respect from me for writing these helpful arlsetci.

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