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When you think of a famous monogram, the LV monogram is one that is hard to forget. It is probably the earliest symbols of modern luxury. The monogram easily distinguishes LV products from other products and represents a powerful brand of luxury.

The monogram carries a history and a meaning behind each of its elements.

Louis Vuitton was founded by Mr. Louis Vuitton in 1854. After honing his craftsmanship skills for over 17 years by working for box packers and makers, Mr Vuitton set up his own trunk store in Paris. During that period, France was emerging as a popular destination for luxury fashion.

Mr Vuitton set a new trend by making box shaped stack able travel trunks. Trunk designs back then were usually rounded on top so to let the water run off easily. Moreover, LV bags were made of canvas with a waxed casing that made them waterproof, fragrance free, sturdy, lightweight and airtight. This revolutionary design became an instant hit.

Mr Vuitton introduced these luggage bags in grey trianon canvass. But this look was easily imitable and was quickly copied. He then designed the Damier pattern – the altering brown and beige squares running in a checkerboard pattern. But this too did not deter plagiarism.

It was not until his son George Vuitton took over the company in 1988 when the iconic logo was launched. George designed a monogram pattern that was unique to LV and also paid a tribute to his father. The pattern of the elements of the monogram, its colour and look and many other details of LV products has established its originality and authenticity. The LV monogram is a very familiar monogram and sets the brand apart instantly.

There is a lot of thought and meaning behind each element on the monogram.

The monogram consists of four ornaments – three stylised floral motifs using a combination of geometric and botanical shapes. The LV letter monogram of the company’s founder.

First motif – a diamond shape with concave sides and a four petal flower in the centre with a round dot.

Second motif – It is the inverse of the first motif.

Third motif – Circle with a four petal rounded flower and a dot in the centre.

The motifs are four-pointed or four-petal shapes resembling a four-leaf clover, believed to bring in good luck. The number four is also a symbolic number of stability. It represents all the four earthly elements. The motifs may have been inspired by sources of medieval art.

They can be found in medieval and gothic architecture and Egyptian ‘Coptic’ tapestries. LV – The letters L and V are interlaced in a way that they are easily recognizable and readable. This letter monogram is like a signature used to mark a work of art making it unique and authentic.

It also just elevates all its products to the status of an object d’art even till now. These 4 ornaments are placed in an order that creates a cleaver graphic perfection. The pattern is in a dull brown and gold colour. It is not overpowering and yet gives it a luxurious look and feel.


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