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I think one of the reasons I am popular again is because I am wearing a tie. You have to be different.”  – Tony Bennett, American musician.

A perfectly fitted suit, polished shoes, well ironed dress shirt and all the correct accessories and the one thing that pulls it all together – the necktie – to complete your formal attire. Whether a business meeting, customer interaction, job interview or for other formal backdrops, a necktie accomplishes a classic look that has stood the test of time.

And today, young men have adopted a more modernized practice of encouraging the classical necktie into the informal social realm. While on a sate, a man flashing a vibrant necktie can prove enticing to a woman, many of whom consider it a man’s sexiest accessory.

If we speak of a professional look, ties stand at the pinnacle of formality. Sport a tie and the general assumption is that you are a professional, whether young or mature! With all the effort you invest in piecing together a luxurious suit, an addition of a beautifully crafted tie can really elevate your look to the next level. Just an extra mile in dressing and you wear off a complete gentleman’s look.

And don’t think people will not notice these small efforts you take to dress. Not that you are being judged either, but a well-dressed man is naturally assumed to be of significant importance. Take this fact – men in power have always worn ties throughout history. Definitely, this small piece of attire can go a long way to command respect from others.

While it may seem a small adjustment to your formal look, you need to make the right selection when choosing a necktie. A proper necktie has the power to become your most striking feature. Neckties are available in a variety of color, widths, patterns and fabrics and each needs to be matched to your body type, style and personality.

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