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How maroon ties could get you on OMG! insider


Maroon is something that instantly in stills a gush of emotions and free flowing thoughts in everyone’s mind. Even if we set aside the sexiness they contain inherently, still there are many things about maroon that would set free that impulse to own a maroon tie and compel you to go for a tie coloured in this shade.

Be it adding a fizz to a boring business suit or snapping free from dull monotonic looks, with a maroon tie by your side, you will always successfully walk the roads in style. So let’s talk about few trends in the lane of maroon ties and try to get hold of a few versatile looks they can evince.



Maroon Power Ties

Okay, so yeah we have many things about 1980’s fashion trend that we are scrupulously trying to scratch off from our brains and our history, but power ties definitely don’t fall in those strata of things. A power maroon power tie pepping up a perfectly tailored bespoke navy blue power suit worn over a French style cuffed horizontally striped white shirts is perfect on the go for business meetings and leave a lasting impact on your peers showing that you mean some serious business.

Maroon Pin dot Ties

A burgundy or maroon pin dot tie is like an epitome of class that you can endorse anywhere you go. It’s pretty versatile and can be a perfect pick for many on the go looks. It beautifully blends with almost all electric colours and with neutral colour suits as well. Mark our words, nothing can surpass the elegance of a maroon pin dot ties.

Maroon Knit Ties

Knit ties are sleek, stylish and project a casual nonchalant and sartorial sophistication. Maroon knit ties can easily dress up any casual look for a simple nightclub party and add just the right amount of panache and zing to your overall outfit style. Try wearing it over a grey chambray shirt or even on shades on deep green and white.

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