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Get a Winning Office Wear Look by Wearing Custom Made Shirts


What if every day your work wear was approved by a style legend? You wouldn’t have to worry about trial and error situations.

There have been times when we all have worn formal attire, which does not suit us well and we have ultimately ended up looking comical. Nailing office dress code is all about experimenting with your style!

You can still get that winning attire right by seeking help of a seasoned stylist. Because, nothing can offer you a classic appearance and emphasize positives of a physique than a made-to-measure clothing.

2When getting yourself custom made shirts, it is vital that you’re well-informed about the prerequisites of how to tailor a shirt. Here’s some primary know-hows of custom made shirts.


The foremost thumb rule of getting your shirt stitched is you should be able to move around two fingers around your neck –  the fitting should be just perfect – not too small or too loose. At the same, it should fit right around the chest. You can choose from three collar types –  point collar, spread collar and button down collar – to suit your face type.


When it comes to cuff-links, we insist you go for French cuffs, which is the most formal option for  daily office wear across many industries.

4Sleeves and shirt length :

For custom made shirts, the sleeve length should align with the wrist bone. Make sure that your shirt’s length shouldn’t go below the thigh bone in the front, while on the back it must be no lower than the center of your bottom.



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