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The choice of fabric is a very important decision to consider right at the start of designing your outfit and often the wrong choice will make an unsuccessful outfit.



A suit stitched in fine Egyptian Giza cotton is a blend of splendor and comfort. Giza cotton being the finest quality cotton is the perfect match for bespoke styles. While there are other varieties of cotton, they may not rank high in the scale of luxury clothing with a rich, expensive glossy look, yet are often the preferred choice of fabric for daily wear and formal men’s and women’s wear. After all, humans have been wearing cotton clothes since 5000 BC and it is the most popular natural fiber in the world. Cotton is a lightweight fabric, very breathable and soft to touch that will surely keep you cool and comfortable during tense brainstorming board meetings. And yet, it is strong and versatile enough to last you many action packed business trips.


Need to suit up on a hot summer day? Then pick a linen one! Breathable, light and breezy, it is ideal for the summer season. It is 100% natural made with the fibers of the flax plant. Linen trousers, suits or shirts paired with summery pastels and light textured outfits are a definite fashion thumbs up for a smart casual look as well as a more formal look.



Italian Wool

Wool is popular in suits and can range from some really fine quality wool’s such as the Merino wool, to other popularly used varieties such as virgin wool or worsted wool.
Despite the plethora of fabrics available, luxury Italian wool adorns a suit with not just resilience and comfort, but its fine quality imparts an elegance and superiority unmatched by other luxury fabrics available. The fineness of the wool is characterized with a number and the higher the number the finer and lighter the cloth.


Known as the fabric of royalty, silk fabric adds an attractive luster to the outfit and drapes well on the body. The fabric is absorbent in warm climate and wearable in cold climate as well due to its low conductivity, which keeps the air close to the body warm. The shiny variety of silk is most suitable for evening dresses and gowns, while matt silk is ideal for daytime and formal office wear clothes.

Satin is made with a blend of fibers such as silk, cotton, wool, polyester or acetate

It is a glossy fabric with a luxurious appearance. Satin is used to make dresses, gowns, shirts, neckties, and is especially popular in lining of coats as it makes it easy to slip on the coat. Its waving process is different from basic fiber, which contributes to its beautiful sheen.
Crepe Back Satin

Satin on one side and crepe texture on the other side, this reversible fabric can be used creatively to provide a sheen and matt look. Creative outfits can be made using a combination of its front and back sides. Cut into dresses, evening wear, wedding gowns, blouses, scarves, choir robes, this versatile fabric is a popular choice for drapes, bias cute or semi tailored styles.


Charmeuse is a luxurious fabric made of silk or polyester with a glossy front of satin finish and a dull back look. Silk charmeuse is an expensive and difficult fabric, but transforms into a luxurious glossy drape with a beautiful soft texture, making it a popular choice of fabric in the fashion fraternity. It can be made into lightweight floaty gowns and evening dresses or rich formal wear. Charmeuse gowns and long dresses tend to cling to the body and can thus be stitched to highlight your best features. Cotton blended charmeuse is used in lining as it is less slippery than silk.


Twill is weaved in a way to produce a pattern of diagonal parallel weaves. The pattering of the fabric adds a rich texture that makes for good formal shirts and trousers. It is a study fabric with a long life span.


Often used to suit up, this fabric is woven in two alternating color threads,usually strong contrasting colors for best effect. Made for a formal and sophisticated look and you have a dress code for lawyers and executives. Jazz it up a bit and you a fancy formal wear for date nights, business parties or even at the blackjack table.

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