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After speaking about shirts and discussing various hot trends in this section, let us move on to another very essential element of clothing in menswear- trousers.

While jeans has appeared as a more handy option to cover ones legs today, trousers till today are considered to give exactly the same level of comfort and style as that or jeans. To put it up in simple words- men are united by trousers. In this article we will discuss the trendiest forms of trousers and various style statements that can be put up using those trousers. We will also ensure that you have formidable basic knowledge about trousers so that you do not miss out on trying any style of pants and trousers.


The various styles

Although there are hoards of categories in trousers based on fabric and design, still we can broadly categories them into following classes

Dress pants

You can perceive them as a more elegant version of formal pants. These are tight fitting pants and so avoid wearing one if you are obese or out of shape.

Formal pants

Formal pants, as the name suggests are broadly used in formal wears. Typically, they can be categorized into pleated and no pleated or flat front pants.

These are used for dressing up on some important event like on an interview or a business meeting. It can also be used on formal parties like your boss coming over dinner night etc. Flat front pants are a bit more casual than pleated ones and are tailored according to specific body needs.


Chinos are a synthetic imitation of the khaki fabric but have more sheen with them and are available in a wide range of colours. These might be mistaken for cargo trousers but they have lesser number of pockets are capable of rendering both formal and informal look unlike cargo which is basically used for dressing informally.

Textured pants

Well, this might seem to be a new category because most of the people presume that there are just the above four level of pants but wait! Our sole purpose to introduce this category to you today is to ensure that you do not miss out on various tucked in between options among the usual staples that you wear. Textured pants can take your style to a completely new level and open up new doors of styling options as well.

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