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Making your own capsule wardrobe


You may or may not have heard about the concept of Capsule Wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is a small collection of clothing that is put together with the purpose of maximising the number of outfit combinations. It can be created with those items and then wearing only that collection of clothing items for an entire season. […]

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Get a Winning Office Wear Look by Wearing Custom Made Shirts


What if every day your work wear was approved by a style legend? You wouldn’t have to worry about trial and error situations. There have been times when we all have worn formal attire, which does not suit us well and we have ultimately ended up looking comical. Nailing office dress code is all about […]

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Design a suit that stands out.


Everyone likes to stand out from the crowd once in a while, and when it comes to making an impression in a business set up it is even more desirable. The mere mention of a business environment builds up this imaginary scenario of men walking around the office clad in suits, isn’t it? However buying […]

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Book a Bespoke Tailoring Appointment in Dubai


Gone are the days where only women were considered fashion conscious. Today, men around the world are equally updated with the latest fashion trends.  This awareness has led to an increase in bloggers who share style tips related to clothes, hair, and makeup. Having said that, many of you will agree with the fact that, […]

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How to wear your vest right.


Why do you need to go vest? Do you fancy wearing suits to your business meetings or other events? However wearing a suit in a country like India which has warm climatic conditions around the year could be quite uncomfortable. So what should you wear to that very important business meeting? How can you make […]

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Book your personal stylist


Not very long ago when ready-made garments had still not made it into the market, everybody had their own personal tailors. Getting clothes stitched was an entirely different experience. From thorough hunting of the fabric to the choice of one’s tailor, it was all an intimate process. Getting one’s clothes stitched was a matter of […]

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A perfectly crafted outfit looks stylish and luxurious, drapes beautifully, fits every inch of your body correctly and feels comfortable to wear. Bespoke tailoring is as much about the right fit and design, as about the fabric that should hold up to make for a lasting style. Your bespoke outfit can be designed and styled in […]

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Bespoke clothing, as we know it today, can be traced back to 12th century Europe. Between 12th and 15th Century, bespoke tailoring developed steadily as an important and respected craft. Tracing the history of bespoke clothing, there are certain events that refined and redefined the concept of clothing and tailoring to the level of bespoke we now speak of. […]

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Any rants about shirting, and the first thing to hit the screen of your mind is always white. Hell yeah! White is cool, white is classic. White goes with anything and white mixes with everything. Legends say, that if you have whites missing from your wardrobe, know that you have a completely devastated wardrobe. So […]

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The perfectly curated wardrobe is a fantasy for most of the guys out there and we totally understand how downright frustrating it is to put up an ideal wardrobe. Toppling over your own belongings while swearing and trying to figure out the best outfit for that special date is not something you should be ashamed of. […]

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