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Not very long ago when ready-made garments had still not made it into the market, everybody had their own personal tailors. Getting clothes stitched was an entirely different experience. From thorough hunting of the fabric to the choice of one’s tailor, it was all an intimate process. Getting one’s clothes stitched was a matter of excitement if not festivity. Additionally, it also enhanced the personality by taking into account various shapes and sizes of the human body.



But with the onslaught of the mass production of garments, all the processes related to a more personalized experience of clothing have been marginalized. But nothing can so easily displace the traditional tailoring expertise and emotions attached to it. When it comes to a perfect fit for specific size and type of people, only personalized clothing can be satisfactory. The famous companies dealing in garments often pick up standard models of specific height and size and stitch their garments according to them. Such standardization in clothing might prove disappointing for those people who do not quite fit into the company’s standard size.


When one finds that his shirts do not make him look as he expects himself to be, then one must consider getting his shirts stitched. Booking a personal stylist at your home who can take your measurements and produce the garment of your desire isn’t that difficult as you might think.

Stylior, the perfect online portal offers the option of booking a personal stylist. So, you can stop wearing those baggy, over-sized or undersized shirts which have been tarnishing your personality. It is the right time to book a personal stylist at your home for an entirely unique experience of not just tailoring and having someone to select the best of the fabrics but feeling the right and appropriate fitness of the garments. Just a few clicks and voila, you will get a personal stylist at your home right-away!

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