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Believe it not, but navy blue trousers are a silhouette of black and its shades. Equally popular and in equal demand as black, navy blue has its own realm to rule.  One can trace the fad for navy blue trousers since the origin of trousers itself centuries back and yet there seems to be no drop in the demand of navy blue clothing specially trousers.

Initially, the trousers which were in demand were the striped navy blue trousers but now it has broken the shackles and reached the territory of all other fabrics and style.

When there are any skull sessions about trousers then navy blue instantly hits the chart and paves way for serious discussions over looks it can render in different styles and with different fabrics. Here are few looks for you to try and do let us know how do you find them.

The formal look

Navy blue trousers when set up in a formal look, bring in a feeling and aura of unbridled enthusiasm around the wearer. It’s true that not only it makes formals much hotter but also turns the wave a little bit in favor of those wearing it. So be it a business deal or some convocation, team up with navy blue trousers to get a step closer to success.

Although any trouser fabric would do, try putting on textured navy blue trousers with matching jackets and white dress shirts. You can use a non-silk tie to complete the look. Don’t forget that brown shoes go best with navy blue outfits (hope you got the hint).

The semi-formal look

And here goes the ingredients for a perfect semi-formal look to be worn on a office party evening- Grey Wool Blazer, Blue Denim Shirt, Navy blue Chinos, Dark Brown Leather Derby Shoes and a Brown Leather Belt. Put them on, gel your hair, put on a wooden strap watch and there you go!

The seriously hot look

Beware warning! This look is to be tested at your own discretion as the hotness of this look may melt away hearts of many girls around you. No joking. Once you amalgamate the sexiness of navy blue chinos with the elegance of beige blazers and white striped dress shirt then there is no stopping of this smoking hot look.

Pep it up more with a polka dotted navy blue silk tie and brown boat shoes. Sum up the look by white silk pocket square and relish the feeling of girls drooling over you fanatically perfect looks.

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