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As modest as it may seem, grey is one of the favorite but less mentioned colours in the world of trousers. Its existence is practically seamless. You never really recognize its presence in your outfit, but its absence can certainly be felt. It is that one colour which gives a soothing pliant touch to your otherwise lavish and intimidating outfits. It simply blends too well.

Speaking of grey colours in trousers, as we mentioned earlier, you may not notice it but it is present everywhere, in every style statement.

It is not recognized simply because the more hyped colours such as black and white usually hog all or most of the limelight.

Be it a rugged look of a traveler or a happy- go- lucky look of a common street guy- it is omnipresent. Literally. Speaking of the varieties found in gray trousers, you can have as many varieties as any other colour of trousers.

Textured trousers, chinos, dress pants, cargo’s and what not? Same is the condition with the versatility of looks you can create with grey trousers. The possibilities are many and we’ll present few of them to you to try and test as per your need.


The contrasting look

The best way to make someone notice your brand new grey pants is to dress up in contrasting colours. But you have to make sure that you do not overdo things and maintain a supple balance of colours and contrast in your outfit.

For a prototype of this look, we have here woolen textured grey pants paired with white henleys with a navy blue jacket worn over it. Wearing shades would only spice up the looks further, so avoid it if you do revers too much spices.


The serious stroller look

We have two kinds of strollers on the street. First, who look serious and second, who want to look serious. Well pal, our well wishes with you if you have a smiling face that just cannot put on a serious look, but with the outfit part we are always there for you.

To help you put on a dead serious look on your face, we would suggest you to pair your grey non pleated trousers with a khaki colored jacket and floral dress shirt. Hide your eyes under scrupulous brown shades and gel your hair into a steady formation to get that perfect serious stroller look.

The classic formal look

Not to forget the most commonly sought after look- the formal look. The one look that bests all other look and makes you ready for every occasion- whether a business meeting or a general hangout is the formal look. Formal looks emulate class and style and are therefore relished all the year round.

Grey trousers can help you get a fantastic formal look. Team up any oxford shirt dress or pastel pink or mint green shirt with a grey trousers and sum it up with a silk tie and you’re done.



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