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4 Secrets To Design Your Custom Tailored Suit


Gone are the days when suits and blazers were only treated as formal attire. Today, suits are more about an expression of fashion and gives a classy look.

However, too many men wear suit improperly and therefore they don’t look as good as they can. The reason is ready-made suits and blazers, which are often ill-fitted and lack a crisp look. This doesn’t mean you should stop wearing one! The key to all style truly comes from self-awareness.

Did you know that when it comes to dressing up, Italian men are the perfect sartorial measuring sticks? This is because they grew up wearing apparels which are mostly tailored.

There’s something about a man donning a perfectly fit suit. For first time buyers, the idea of custom tailored suit is totally a new concept as there is an enormous difference between tailoring and buying a ready-made.


We’ve pulled out the best kept secrets you should remember when getting a custom tailored suit:

Once you choose a tailor, the initial phase is selecting a fabric – linen, cotton or silk.

The most significant element while getting custom tailored suit is ensuring flawless measurements taken by your stylist in all necessary places so that the suit fits perfectly.

The next is picking a specific style: whether you want a single or double breasted suit.

Last but not the least is enhancing the look of your suit: border for lapel, stitching a symbol or hidden pockets.

Keep these in mind when opt for a custom tailored suit. If you’re looking to get stitched one for yourself, Stylior offers you finest luxury fabrics and custom styling options with perfection at an affordable price.

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